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this is an overview of my work followed by an outline of the specific plan of action I would like to take with my music. Up to this point, I have made things happen as I was able. It's been a slow-moving process. Although I have participated for many years in the music industry working with other artists in many different capacities, it wasn't until Covid shut down the industry, that I launched my own single to radio.

I am a Country / Bluegrass Artist

I currently have 2 country songs ready to release to radio. "It's Gonna Be A Good Day"

is a tribute to Charlie Daniels and the video can be viewed here 


"More Time"

is also ready for radio release and the video is here

My first single charted in the top 20 in July of 2020 on

The Bluegrass Today Weekly Charts for 2 weeks.

Top 20 July 10th 2020.jpg

The Music Video for the first single also Charted #4 during both May and June of 2020

BGStandard VidChart2020June.png

I have released 2 other Bluegrass singles and videos to radio

#2 "In The Pines"

#3 Devil's Been Breathin Down My Back

I have 3 Country Songs "In The Can"  as they say. Two of them are ready for mixing and mastering 

Things Grandad Believed In
If I Could Still Be There

The third one still needs the last verse written

I have another Patriotic one called Joe Biden Blues that needs to be tracked

One of the Albums I want to cut is a Tribute to Charlie Daniels

My plan is to cut some of his most famous ones as a tribute album

I am a one-man operation. I write my songs. I play fiddle, harmonica, sometimes mandolin, guitar, and bass. I produce all my albums and videos. I am a videographer, graphics designer, website builder, social media manager, booking agent, Radio Promoter, and PR Writer. Plus I do most of these things for another artist named Christian Davis who has played the Grand Ol Opry more than 100 times and has Grammy and Dove nominations and awards. I need a sponsor so I can pay others who are professionals in specific fields so I can move to the next level and get radio playing me regularly. 

I will continue to write and produce my own albums to ensure that my unique sound stays true. I just need the promotional expertise of those established in the industry to move me to the next level.

I also have product designs to go with the patriotic songs that I would be willing to work out a split on profits with a sponsor.

Below is a proposed budget that is minimal but would allow me the opportunity to push my career to the edge it needs for the next 8-12 months.

My Proposed Minimal Budget

Country Album         $15,000
Bluegrass Album     $15,000
Gospel Album          $15,000
Charlie Trib Album  $15,000
Video 1                       $5,000
Video 2                       $5,000
Video 3                       $5,000
Radio Promo              $4,000
Magazine Promo      $10,000
Video Promo             $5,000
PR                                 $5,000
Mech Lic Charlie       $2,000
6 Month Ops Fund    $24,000

Merchandise Budget IS NOT included in this proposal. I currently have a print-on-demand set up that I don't touch and don't have to purchase any stock to sell. I'm not sure they could handle any real volume in sales if this were to take off. I do have a printer that CAN handle the volume and the shipping available to use but would need to look at a budget for that and would be willing to share the profits of merch sales.

Check out my website to learn more about me by using the tabs at the top of this page to view my HOME page and ABOUT page. To return to this page you will need to follow the link in the email that got you here or use the password BUDGET all caps to view the Sponsorship Tab.

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